C.RPH, ABAAHP Diplomate, Founder of Wholistic®


There are plenty of treatments for muting symptoms in the body, but the most powerful prescription is to finally listen to what it has to say.

I descend from a long line of medical practitioners and began my career as a pharmacist. But due to certain observations, my direction changed:

When it comes to health issues, there’s no such thing as an isolated incident. The whole person – their body, their spirit, their mind – must be addressed.

For over a decade, I’ve fused Functional and Regenerative medicine, along with many other healing modalities, with my medical background. And just as modern medicine has advanced over the years, so have the older, traditional methods of healing. There is technology and sophistication in these ancient practices.

These “alternative” therapies are actually essential. And they’re meant to work in tandem with their Western counterpart.

Applying them to the medical profession marks the difference between attending to the issue and merely attempting to fix it.

This is the medicine of the future. A new kind of practitioner is emerging along with a new kind of patient – one who no longer relinquishes their power for a “cure” but instead claims their power as agents of their own healing.

For me, this is no longer only about my work, but about my clients’ work out in the world, as they go forward with renewed health, bringing their light to others.

We all know we’re more than just a body, that we’re also mind and soul. My practice simply dissolves the boundaries between them… and continues to prove there was never a boundary there to begin with.