5-Day Retreat & Certification Program


This is your chance to join the Masters.

You’re invited to join a world-class Wholistic training program! This in-person five-day retreat will be held at a beautiful resort in magical Ojai Valley, California. Together, we collaborate and connect in a supportive learning environment with top experts in the field. You will not only Master the Healer Within, but also discover how to successfully present and market your new skills to change the world.




Put an End to Chronic Illness.

This revolutionary course puts you at the forefront of a tremendous paradigm shift. The new paradigm empowers individuals to become their own healers, putting an end to chronic illness for good. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to receive hands-on training and integrate Wholistic techniques that will have a massive impact on your health, your career, your personal life, and your relationship with yourself.

Experience the Magic of Ojai.

Imagine waking up for class each day in the golden light of an enchanting Ojai Valley sunrise. I chose this location because of its renowned spiritual and energetic qualities. It’s been called “the magnetic center of the Earth” and is well known for its healing and activating vortexes.

The valley is surrounded by majestic mountains and unique desert flora. You can look forward to experiencing the famous “pink moment,” unique to this special location, just before sunset each evening. This powerful California oasis holds space for you to experience deep transformation as you Master the Healer Within.

Meet Your Instructors…

I’ve gathered a team of experts to help you Master the Healer Within.

Elena Bensonoff is the founder and creator of this program. She is a pioneer in the field of functional, regenerative, and energy medicine – sharing her gifts with the world for over 20 years. She founded Wholistic Inc. and helps people all over the world find balance and vitality with her services and products. Her revolutionary methods are a blend of modern medicine with ancient healing modalities. Elena is also a Clinical Pharmacist, author, acclaimed artisan perfumer, and American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners (ABAAHP) diplomate.



Alejandro Ferradas, the Life Flow Catalyst, has used his intuitive gifts to help clients connect to the Divine and overcome life’s obstacles for over 20 years. His mission is to help others access their intuition and transcend limiting beliefs in a lasting, sustainable way. Whether your goal is improving your health, increasing prosperity in business, finding a true soulmate, or nurturing spiritual growth – he can help you recover your ability to thrive intentionally.



Elena Herdieckerhoff founded Red Dot Stage after her life-changing event: presenting a TEDx talk which has reached almost 2 million views! Her experience shows TEDx talks offer an amazing opportunity for visionary entrepreneurs to share their unique idea with the world and impact global consciousness. Elena guides clients to land, craft, deliver and market career-changing presentations and confidently present their skills to the world to change people’s lives for the better. 



Jessica Zweig, CEO of SimplyBe Agency, is an award-winning digital marketing and personal branding expert. She is a well-known thought leader in the corporate world, with a star-studded list of clients including Blackstone, Heineken USA, Nike, Red Bull, Chicago Tribune, Willis Tower, Dornbracht, Virgin Brands, and BBMC Mortgage Bank. Jessica has been an honored speaker at MindValley University, Techweek, LinkedIn, The United Women in Business Foundation, and Microsoft.



A Sneak Peek of the Daily Agenda.

Here is a brief outline of what you can expect from the curriculum and schedule.

Day 1: Evening

  • Opening Ceremonies – Receive a warm welcome and learn why the body, mind, and spirit must be addressed to achieve health and balance. Enjoy a powerful opening ceremony to set intentions for the course.
  • Meet and Greet – Meet your instructors and other attendees. Receive an introduction to the education you will experience over the course of the program.

Day 2: All Day

  • Awaken – Receive training from Elena B. and Alejandro that will guide you to awaken your intuition and trust that you are Divinely guided to harness the power of energy medicine.
  • Protect – Experience hands-on practice for Wholistic principles and techniques pertaining to protecting your energy, connecting to your guides and angels, cutting chords of attachment, and creating a sacred space to do your healing work.

Day 3: All Day

  • Feel – Receive training from Elena B. to learn how to “feel to heal” and achieve a comprehensive understanding of energetic fields. You will practice on yourself and others, learning how to set clear boundaries between fields.
  • Connect – Discover and connect to your own energetic gifts (clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc.) so you can become the guide and “interpreter” for the energetic messages in others’ fields. Learn to tune in to the physical body, chakras, emotional body, human energy field (morphogenetic), and astral body.

Day 4: All Day

  • Test Experience total immersion into Wholistic healing with guided hands-on practice. Learn how to use kinesiology and muscle testing to assess organ systems, food sensitivities, gut and adrenal imbalances, supplements, emotions, and more.

Day 5: Half-Day

  • Present & Share Elena H. will teach how to craft and present your message of healing to the world to make your voice heard in a unique way. Then Jessica will guide you through a seminar on creating a sales strategy for branding and packaging your service to promote your message to those who need you most.
  • Closing Ceremonies – Bid farewell to your new friends and receive information on how to complete your practical* to receive your certificate.

*Disclaimer – If you are a medical practitioner, you must submit 20 patient cases after returning to your practice to receive an official Wholistic certification.

Submit Your Application Today!

Stay tuned for specific dates. Spaces are limited, so please submit your application to secure your spot. Anyone can apply, whether you’re in the medical field and want to gain skills and earn an official Wholistic Practitioner Certification or someone who just wants to integrate Wholistic techniques and wisdom to improve your life.*




*Non-medical professionals will not receive a certificate. Medical professionals must submit 20 patient cases after returning to their practice to receive official certification.