Chakra Balance Bundle


Offered for a limited time, to help you discover your inner healer.
($265 value – save 30%!)

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$185 ($265 value – save 30%!)

Offered for a limited time, to help you discover your inner healer.

Your chakras are the pillars of your wellbeing. This curated combination of products provides you all the resources you need to ensure your energy centers are functioning at their best.

The sacred tools in this bundle include…

Chakra System Essential Oils Set $205 value!

This award-winning system includes seven crystal infused essential oils created to support each chakra center. Each one comes with an “insight card” that outlines a yoga posture to align, a clean juice recipe to nourish, and an affirmation to inspire. A brochure full of wisdom and user-friendly instructions guides you to learn all about each chakra.

Chakra Meditation Album   $29.95 value!

My Chakra Meditations will empower you to understand and support your chakras, connect to your higher self, and discover the paradise within. Eight beautiful guided meditations bring you back to balance with therapeutic melodies and powerful visualizations. With this album, you’ll enjoy an atmosphere of peace and serenity no matter where you are.

Chakra Assessment  $29.95 value!

I developed this comprehensive tool to lead you to a deeper understanding of your chakras. By simply answering a series of questions, you’ll find out which of your chakras are out of balance. Then you can address the imbalances with the essential oils and meditations. When all chakras are fully balanced, you will experience vibrant health and energetic bliss on all levels!

This bundle is perfect for you if you desire…

  • Improved physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing
  • Deeper understanding of your body’s energy centers
  • Easy to implement guidance for balancing your chakras
  • More happiness and peace in your life
  • Profound alignment with your soul’s purpose
  • Less stress, better sleep, and improved health
  • Greater connection with the Universe and the Divine
  • Harmony within, with others, and with the environment

You are on the right path to becoming all you’ve been dreaming of inside and out.

If you are a health practitioner, yoga instructor, massage therapist, or anyone interested in chakra healing – you will benefit greatly from these tools! You’ll also enjoy the ability to share the knowledge you gain with your clients and loved ones.

This unique offering truly supports body, mind, and soul.

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After placing your order, you will be directed to the Chakra Assessment online to take your quiz.


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