Orali® Perfume – Chocolate

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Hypnotic, Natural Elixir of Love!

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TOP NOTES: Blood Orange, Pink Grapefruit

HEART NOTES: Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Raspberry, Benzyl Benzoate

BASE NOTES: Cacao Absolute, Peru of Balsam


Inhale… Allow your Senses to Whisk you on a Sultry Journey to a Decadent Flower and Fruit Garden. Let yourself be Carried Away by the endless rows of Succulent Honeysuckle, Sensual Jasmine, Ripen Raspberry, Sparkly Orange and Grapefruit. A hint of Erotic Chocolate and Sweet Peru of Balsam Entice you to Indulge.

Wholistic’s Orali Chocolate Perfume is a unique blend of citrus and sweet floral that has at its heart the essence of chocolate. The delicious, heady aroma of chocolate bypasses rational thought and goes direct to our hearts. When smelling that exotic aroma, natural endorphins are released, you instantly feel calmer, happier, and sexier. The essential oils of the cocoa contains aphrodisiac flavonols. These promote an increase in libido and arousal. Use it to give you a lift and arouse your love hormones. A light shimmer on your skin sets off a divine tang through your whole body. You first detect the delicate notes of citrus which sharpen your mind and clarify your thoughts. Then the powerful qualities of the sacred bean assert themselves as the warmth of your skin releases the exotic notes of cacao, arousing all of your senses.

Hear a whisper of ancient rituals. The air about you takes on a sultry quality as you move through it like a goddess. Let your Imagination take over!


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