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Take a deeper look into the seven chakras! Learn what they are, where they are located, how they work, and how you can heal and support them through one-on-one sessions, oils, meditation, sound, crystals, yoga poses, and juice recipes. Chakras – the key to healing your mind, body, and soul!


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I’ve created beautiful guided meditations you can listen to anytime, anywhere to bring you back to balance. Surrender to the calming tone of my voice and relax as therapeutic melodies and powerful visualizations transport you on a journey to an inner oasis. Each guided meditation empowers you to understand and support your chakras, connect to your highest self, and discover your divine purpose.


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After answering a series of questions, you will be emailed results with specific solutions on how to balance your three weakest chakras. This amazing tool will give you a deeper understanding into who you are and what is keeping you from feeling great and vibrant on a daily basis. By taking this assessment, you are beginning an exciting journey of discovering who you are and learning how you can navigate through your life with awareness and ease.


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Sharing from our hearts to yours. Explore videos, webinars, articles, posts, and websites about energy medicine, muscle testing, earthing, healing, skincare, and more.


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